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About Peoples Playhouse Theatre Inc

What We Do

Peoples Playhouse Theatre Inc is an amateur theatre company that is dedicated to providing young people and those not so young with the opportunity to perform, learn the theatre craft, and backstage skills. We are passionate about theatre and believe in the transformative power of the performing arts. Our goal is to inspire creativity, develop talent, and foster a love of theatre in all who participate. As a non-profit company, we see ourselves as serving the young people of this community, providing opportunities for a fulfilling experience where great friends can be made. Come join us and experience the magic of live theatre!


Peoples Playhouse was formed in 1995 partly as an extension for Kidz 4 Kidz, as well as becoming a place for people up to the age of 25 to practice and perfect their theatre skills. Since those early days, things have changed. The age group is now open for 5 to however old you are, with players seeking to improve their theatre skills and learn from older, more experienced players. Kidz 4 Kidz continues to cater for the youth and children of the company as a starting point into the performing arts. Peoples Playhouse is continuing shows to increase its membership and build up its assets to assist with future productions. The company is known for producing shows that may not always be considered by other companies and do not restrict themselves to just musicals, but perform plays which provide a greater experience for its members.

Celebrating 30 Years for Kidz 4 Kidz

Written by our Founding Member and Committee Member Lucy Nicolson


Kidz 4 Kidz was the predecessor to ‘People’s Playhouse,’ established 2 years later.


A bit of History on Our First Year…


Thirty years ago, during the April School Holidays of 1991, Kidz 4 Kidz staged their very first production “The Frog Prince”, with no production team, no committee and a wishing well fashioned from the packaging of a washing machine! The idea was born from the need to establish a ‘children’s’ theatre company in Frankston. Panorama had already cornered the ‘teen’ market and there were always plenty opportunities for adults in community theatre companies. Sian Parry was hired as our rehearsal and show accompanist and I directed, Md’d and produced it. Our venue for rehearsals and show was very close to where we rehearse now- The Frankston East hall- at the intersection of Ashleigh Ave and Beach Street. We started with a cast of approx. 30 children under 12 years of age and the project was so successful that we staged a second show that year, “Lost In Space” a Christmas nativity musical. By the end of the year my niece Vickie Aiton (then Carlstrom) joined the company as official accompanist and Bob Paice as set designer and builder, both are ‘life members’. We are so proud that many children have progressed from the ranks of Kidz 4 Kidz to professional theatre and the drama and music teaching professions and some, are even now, on our committee, giving back to the community. I am hugely grateful to all the committee members who have weathered the Covid storm and those who have kept the company alive for so many years. Here’s looking ahead to the future and the wonderful productions yet to come.



Life Members

Vickie Aiton, Edwin Creely, Katrina Flaherty, Shannon Mead, Lucy Nicolson, Bob Paice, Natalie Pharaoh, Michelle Thomas, Carole Cuthbertson, Bernie Stares, Malcom Huddle, David Krause




2023 - 2024 Executive Team

President:  Katrina Flaherty​
Vice President: Joel Blashki 

Secretary: Cathy Wood

Treasurer: Jordan Ryan​


General Committee​:

 Michelle Thomas, Chrissy Holden, Katie Karandais, Rosetta Quadara, Tracy Campbell, Jade Mellissa 

Child Safe Policy and Documentation

Child Safe Policy

Code of Conduct

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