The Company

Peoples Playhouse Inc. is an amateur theatre company that is dedicated to giving young people, and those not so young, the

opportunity to perform, learn the theatre craft, and backstage skills. We see ourselves as an excellent preparation ground for those

who want to go on to larger theatre companies. We also see ourselves as taking on performance projects that other companies may not consider. To this extent we will perform any style of theatre that is of interest, ranging from straight plays to musicals. As a non-profit company, we also see ourselves as serving the young people of this community, providing opportunities for a fulfilling experience where great friends can be made.




Peoples Playhouse was formed in 1995 partly as an extension for Kidz 4 Kidz, as well as becoming a place for people up to the age of 25 to practice and perfect their theatre skills. Since those early days, things have changed. The age group is now open for 5 to however old you are, with players seeking to improve their theatre skills and learn from older, more experienced players. Kidz 4 Kidz continues to cater for the youth and children of the company as a starting point into the performing arts. Peoples Playhouse is continuing shows to increase its membership and build up its assets to assist with future productions. The company is known for producing shows that may not always be considered by other companies and do not restrict themselves to just musicals, but perform plays which provide a greater experience for its members.



Life Members

Vickie Aiton, Edwin Creely, Katrina Flaherty, Shannon Mead, Lucy Nicolson, Bob Paice, Natalie Pharaoh, Michelle Thomas, Carole Cuthbertson, Bernie Stares, Malcom Huddle, David Krause




2019-2020 Executive

President:  David Krause

Vice President:  Michelle Thomas

Secretary:  Cathy Currie

Treasurer:  Michelle McKinnon

General Committee

Sandra Martin, Tracey Desbois, Chrissy Holden, Sarah Jones,

Nathan Caller, Billy Jo Lazovic, Alison Pierson 

Child Safe Policy and Documentation

Child Safe Policy

Code of Conduct